Our goals and objectives are very simple. We would like to participate in the economic activities of the environment we live in and where it is possible to do so sustainably. We would also want to work collaboratively with the established business sector with organisations who have an interest in seeing the community of Khayelitsha improve. We are looking for long term, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with established business.

The current statistics of employment and new business development in Khayelitsha is, in our opinion far worse than the rest of the country. It is our desire to help improve this situation. The country average unemployment statistics is around 24% while this figure is abnormally high in Khayelitsha at over 70%.  Given this condition, the level of local business development in terms of natural skill, competencies, experience and growth is quite suppressed.

We would like to assist or add value to the individual living in Khayelitsha and positively influence the matter of business development for the people of Khayelitsha so as to address and improve this condition. We would like to offer meaningful and sustainable value to investors and business partners who share our passion, vision goals and objectives  for Khayelitsha.

To summarise on our goals and objectives:

  • To ultimately help improve the living standards of the individual living in Khayelitsha
  • For Khayelitsha to become a safe home for all residents
  • To assist with training and development of the individual living in Khayelitsha to address the subject of job creation and small to medium business development
  • To help stimulate economic growth for Khayelitsha directly (within khayelitsha) or indirectly (outside khayelitsha)
  • To engage business opportunities while working collaboratively with organisations, and companies and individuals from the established business sector.

Please feel free to contact us should you require any further information about this organisation.