KDF Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a solution primarily designed to address the subject of job creation and business development for the benefit of the people of Khayelitsha. In addition to this, this initiative invites the participation of the established business sector in a sustainable  and profitable way.

In terms of differentiation, how does this initiative stand out from the others? The first and most important aspect to bring to light is our business experience, track record and our ability to deliver. The second aspect which is also equally important is our long standing relations with the community, business network, customers, investors and  stake holders. All of which is underpinned by mutual respect, integrity, values, principles, morals, ethics and beliefs. We have a vision in mind; a plan to work together in terms of business engagements, while adding sustainable value to the community in terms of job creation and business development.

  • To the community of Khayelitsha: our goal is to stimulate job creation and business development, while engaging in the commercial activities of the area.
  • To black business development: our objective is to identify projects from which new businesses can be created. in these projects, we will be providing the support needed to enhance the probability of success of the new business on its way to financial independence.
  • To business partners: our objective is to provide a trusted platform for engagements which address the subject of supplier and community development.
  • To our customers:  our objective is to offer competitive and sustainable basket of quality products and services via a joint engagement of the established business sector and the community.

KDF Holdings welcomes all queries on how your organisation can participate in this initiative. Please feel free to contact us in this regard.