KDF is an apolitical forum which was formed around 1995 by the community of Khayelitsha with the intention to help regulate and manage the interests and concerns of the community as a whole.

It was established as a social dialogue which focused on the development of Khayelitsha holistically. KDF is a forum which is intended to be total inclusive of all aspects of the community of Khayelitsha. This includes eleven different political parties, civics organisations and NGO’s which are present and represented in the community of Khayelitsha. KDF also caters for the following portfolios, Sectors and Ward Development Forums including:


  • Chairperson
  • Deputy Chairperson – Integrated Development Plan (IDP)
  • Secretary – Cooperative Governance, Communication and Marketing
  • Deputy Secretary Public Administration and Performance
  • Treasurer – Finance
  • Khayelitsha Local Economic Development (LED)
  • Population Development, Justice & Constitutional Development
  • Art, Culture, Recreation, Women and Children
  • Labour
  • Land & Agriculture
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Environmental and Water Affairs
  • Sectors
  • Khayelitsha Disability Forum
  • Khayelitsha Business Forum
  • Khayelitsha Human Settlements Forum
  • Khayelitsha Religious Forum
  • Khayelitsha Water and Sanitation
  • Khayelitsha Health Forum
  • Khayelitsha Youth Development Council
  • Khayelitsha Art, Culture, Recreation & Heritage
  • Khayelitsha Sport Council
  • Khayelitsha Education Forum
  • Khayelitsha Women Development Forum
  • Khayelitsha Social Development Forum
  • Khayelitsha Safety and Security Forum
  • Home Affairs Forum

Ward Development Forums

  • WDF 18
  • WDF 87
  • WDF 89
  • WDF 90
  • WDF 91
  • WDF 92
  • WDF 93
  • WDF 94
  • WDF 95
  • WDF 96
  • WDF 97
  • WDF 98
  • WDF 99
  • WDF 102

The Ward forums are demarcated along the same lines as the municipality. KDF hosts elective conferences every four  years and a plannery on a quarterly basis. This is the highest decision making body in between conferences. The executive is constituted of 15 elected members, 14 sectoral heads and 14 WDF. They meet weekly every Sunday to deal with the day to day issues of KDF.