Khayelitsha has a population of 391,749 (as of 2011) and runs for a number of kilometers along the N2. Current estimates of the population size is said to be in the region of 1,2 million. The ethnic makeup of Khayelitsha is approximately:

  • 90.5% Black African,
  • 8.5% Coloured
  • 0.5% White,

with Xhosa being the predominant language of the residents. Khayelitsha has a relatively young population with fewer than 7% of its residents being over 50 years old and over 40% of its residents being under 19 years of age. In 2011 around 62% of residents in Khayelitsha were rural to urban migrants, most coming from the Eastern Cape. In the communities of Enkanini and Endlovini over 85% of the residents were born in the Eastern Cape. About 75% of residents identify themselves as Christian while about 20% follow traditional beliefs; a small minority of residents identify themselves as Muslim.

Khayelitsha is one of the poorest areas of Cape Town with a median average income per family of R20,000 (US$1,872) a year compared to the City median of R40,000 (US$3,743).  Roughly over half of the 118,000 households live in informal dwellings.

  • Area: 43.51 square kilometers (16.80 sq mi)
  • Population: 391 749: 7,561.99 inhabitants per square kilometer (19,585.5/sq mi)
  • Households: 118,809: 1,976.31 per square kilometer (5,118.6/sq mi)
Gender Population %
Female 170,908 51.95
Male 158,094 48.05
Race Population %
Black 327,322 99.49
White 87 0.03
Coloured 1,556 0.47
Asian 33  0.01
First language Population  %
Zulu 1,176 0.36
Xhosa 318,389 96.77
Afrikaans 2,297 0.7

[wikipedia extract; unconfirmed source]