Our Philosophy

We are committed to being recognised as South Africa’s pioneer in business projects which benefit both the business sector and the community. We are creating the ideal and preferred space of business structures and processes which are effective, innovative and sustainable. Our promise of exceptional service to all our customers, outstanding ethical conduct and resolute corporate responsibility to our business partners and communities, people and physical environment are the basis upon which we are recognised as delivering on our vision and achieving our mission as is defined.

Vision Statement

To be the preferred BEE partner of choice most admired for its delivery to its people, partners and customers.

Our Mission Statement

To build a successful and dynamic company with a sound character  and integrity, exceptional ethical conduct and resolute responsibility to our community, physical environment, employees and business partners, and dedicated to generating sustainable profits for our stakeholders and a superior but competitive product and service offering to our clients.

Core Values

Our Faith

We would like to acknowledge our Maker. We recognise that all business is conducted by and through His Grace. We entrust all our business relationships, transaction, social interactions and all our people to Him, and by faith seek His divine direction, leadership and blessing in everything we do. Let this business be a testament of God’s blessing and love.

Our Employees, Consultants & Service Providers

Our employees, consultants and service providers constitute the team or corporate family and are the company’s most important corporate resource. Their hard work produces more than the products and services that we offer, but also they directly influence the company’s success and  propels it towards the future. KDF Holdings and its team  have a partnership, built upon mutual trust and respect. To maintain this relationship, the company and the employees must be committed to upholding certain principles.

We recognize the individual value of team members and will empower the team to accomplish their goals by providing an employment structure that provides career development and training opportunities, personal satisfaction in work accomplished, job security, growth, advancement options and means to share in the company’s success.

We will treat all team members well and they will be compensated fairly for work performed. As partners, the company and team must be sensitive to each other’s needs and concerns. As individuals, we must uphold high standards of personal conduct at work and carry out responsibilities in the best possible manner. In addition, we must treat our fellow employees with trust, utmost respect and dignity.

The company, and team members as partners will join together to ensure our environment is a clean, safe, productive, comfortable, healthy, rewarding, stimulating and fun  place to work.

Our work environment will be open and participative to promote good relations and positive change. We will communicate our expectations to team members and provide an honest and timely feedback on performance.

Our employees will work like a team with a good business structure, functions and cultures. We will share information, best practices, and strategies with our team for their individual benefit and the cumulative good of KDF Holdings.

Our Products

We embrace and practice the principles of a quality and competitive approach to our product offering. We go so far as to ensure that all products that we associate ourselves with is Good, Clean and Fair and respectful of planet Earth, and the people who live in it. Our philosophy when it comes to products is to focus on products which are not only of quality at competitive pricing, but also come from renewable and sustainable measures which are not harmful to our environment.

Our Customers

We recognize that without our customers we do not exist as a business. Consequently, we are committed to develop and maintain exceptional customer relations built on mutual trust, respect and loyalty and to constantly and consistently meet our customers’ expectations.  We will correctly identify our customers’ expectations, responding to changing trends and demands. We are devoted to pursuing quality as a way of life at KDF Holdings and will consistently deliver exceptional quality and value in the experience, products and services that we offer to our customers.

Our Integrity

We pride ourselves in being a highly ethical company that respects relationships and the dignity of the individual. We obey the law, offer, handle and produce safe products, protect the environment, practice equal employment and fair labor. We are dedicated to the protection and preservation of our environment, animals and community and are socially responsible.

We maintain high moral and ethical standards grounded in honesty, truthfulness, integrity, reliability, forthrightness and professionalism in all transactions and relationships. We demonstrate good taste, decency, politeness, and courtesy in all our attitudes, words and deeds, granting to others the same degree of respect and dignity that we expect for ourselves.  We must always express sincere appreciation to those to whom it is due.

We honor all commitments to our customers, employees, stakeholders and shareholders. We communicate openly, accurately clearly and directly.   We speak with honesty, courage and care, recognizing that we are accountable for our words, our work and our processes – as we build a challenging, wholesome and rewarding environment to work and transact business.

Our Responsibility to the Community and the Environment

KDF Holdings and its team embrace responsible citizenship and corporate responsibility. We believe that we are collectively responsible to substantively contribute to the communities in which we live and work to help develop our communities. We encourage employee volunteerism, civic, charitable and community involvement. Utilizing corporate resources, KDF Holdings engages in a selected range of charitable and philanthropic activities to honor and enhance peoples’ lives and to offer our talents and our wealth to help improve the world we share. We aspire to be a role model business leader.

We are committed to safe guarding, protecting and preserving our physical environment for present and future generations to use and enjoy.  We will develop and implement business practices consistent with sound environmental management and encourage and influence others to do the same. We will not engage in activities or develop products that that have any significant negative impact on the environment.

We are responsible stewards of our natural and physical environment and natural resources including our soil, trees and plants, water, air, wild life and farm animals. We recognize that they are essential to the perpetuation of our communities and generations, and commit to care for and protect them

Our Performance

The pursuit of superior performance permeates every activity which we engage in.  We aspire to be distinguished as an exemplary company and an outstanding corporate citizen. We encourage high expectations, set ambitious goals, and meet our financial objectives of consistently offering positive returns for our shareholders, stakeholders, and business partners, growing revenue and assets on a profitable basis. We must therefore never settle for doing less than our best, while we continue to surpass what already has been achieved.